Security FAQs

Why do I need Security?

Below are some common questions we try to ask our clients, which can help to understand the problem better.

Why am I a target of hackers?

Almost all enterprises, corporates, individuals or Governments that maintain an online presence are targets of Attackers of varying skill and purpose. Reasons for this are:

  • Using hacked online system to conduct large scale pointed attacks at third parties.
  • Stealing and selling of private information.
  • Damaging Branding and/or Share Price of the target.
  • Theft of Intellectual Property and other sensitive information.
  • Intelligence gathering and monitoring, attackers will target Government and Corporate alike to perform this task.

What is a Virus or Malware and the differences between them?

Viruses are code that is designed to cause disruption to computer systems, and generally become a source of annoyance to users. Malware code is far more insidious and is designed to infect computers without the knowledge of the user. Malware is used to control systems and steal sensitive information for the use of Criminal organisations or State based attackers. Once the machines are infected, the code can be very difficult to locate and remove. Malware code is the most proliferate type of malicious code found and most Anti-Virus software cannot scan and identify the code as Malware.

What can I do to secure myself?

Three Primary Defence techniques should include the following:

  • Security Awareness Training and Policy Frameworks put in place.
  • Proper Penetration/Vulnerability , Testing to discover the real weaknesses in the network, applications and web sites.
  • Pro-active Monitoring of system and network events around the discovered and identified weaknesses.