Who is TLR and why was TLR formed?

We are a small team of Security focused individuals. We all complement each other with skill sets, creating cross pollination of these skills. We found most clients don’t fully understand the need for Computer security. They hear about it, read mainstream media articles about, which generally do not paint the proper picture, and say to themselves…..can’t happen to me, then it does….

The team at TLR have all worked for various Agencies, firms and companies that provide services in this area, but one common problem has always been encountered, the drive for the dollar out of the engagements overtakes the need to solve the problems, creating a different one…

So, TLR was formed. No we are not unique but we think we are not the norm either. The ethos at TLR is to assist the client with projects achieving one of three outcomes:

  • The problem gets solved
  • The problem cannot be solved and becomes a properly managed issue
  • The problem is identified as not being able to be solved by TLR, however the problem could be solved by third party sources.

Yes the normal line about years of collective knowledge and experience applies, however in this field, this only gets so far, new issues, new technology, new methodologies, new code is being formed every day, so the approach of “I cannot possibly know it all” is the best method of creating success here. We found that companies who claim to know it, and refuse to admit they don’t, are dangerous to themselves and the client, those that admit it openly and then go learn the issue required, become dangerous to the real source of the problem, the attackers…

We cannot solve every problem, but we do like to try.