Who is TLR and why was TLR formed?

The enigma of Cyber Security is an interesting one. You hear about it and read mainstream media articles about the latest breach. But generally, the things you hear and see do not paint the proper picture, leading people to say to themselves “it can’t happen to me”, but then it does.

Cyber Security is not a new thing, many entities have populated the market, and everyone says they are different, but we see one common ongoing problem: across the industry the drive for the dollar often overtakes and outweighs the need to solve the customers problem, creating another engagement and creating a different problem.

To counter this, TLR was formed. No, we are not unique, but we are also not the norm. The ethos at TLR is to assist you with achieving one of three outcomes:

  • The problem gets solved
  • The problem cannot be solved and becomes a properly managed issue
  • The problem is identified as not being able to be solved by TLR, but we can help by sending the client to third party that can.

Our Focus

TLR are specialists in Incident Response and Security Operations. TLR has been called into many different IR engagements, to help clients respond and recover from Cyber related breaches.

TLR has invented and developed to maturity our own SoC technologies that are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of SoC operations and reducing incident detection to recovery times.

TLR will train your SoC staff to create a solid baseline for IR and SoC operations, through our deep technical training courses and Cyber War Games simulations programs.

Our People

Bill Ratcliffe – CEO. (The Boss) Bill carries 40+ years of Cyber experience in Government, Industry and Defence operations. Bill does what the best CEO’s do, keep the crazy staff under control (CTO) and guide the company in the directions it needs.

Dave Roberts – CTO. (The Mad Scientist) Dave carries almost 30 years of Cyber experience, across Government and Industry and Defence. Dave in the creator of the TLR-SOAR and Automated Threat Management Products and the co-founder of the MSS product. Dave is the primary designer and builder of the Cyber Games. Replicating Critical Infrastructure in Lego to create the Kinetic Cyber Effects.

Jarrah – Our Senior Leader. Jarrah is the other co-founder of the MSS product and now is the product owner and prime developer. He has tirelessly worked to help TLR get to where they are now. Possessing deep technical knowledge across all aspects of the Cyber realm and continually driving his skill levels up, whilst transferring them into clients, and TLR colleagues.

Paul B, Michael, Paul S, Andy and Braedon – The backbone of TLR consulting capability. These guys really are the face of TLR, onsite consultants who work closely with our clients continually helping. Collectively there is an amazing level of knowledge in this team.

Melanie – The Financial Controller (Real Boss) Mel is person who keeps us all going, handling all the stuff the geeks hate. The glue of the company.